PGDM Pharmaceutical Management - An Overview

PGDM Pharmaceutical Management is a 2 years full time program through which students can build on competencies required in the delivery of pharmacy operational services. It's an accelerated career focused program on Pharmaceutical Management. The course is designed to prepare professionals who can assume high level managerial, supervisory and leadership responsibilities. Areas of competence emphasized during the program includes understanding safe and effective use of medication, global impact of Quality Assurance and QBD, effective management of human resources, management of financial resources, use of technology with a right temperament of leadership skill.

Program Objectives

  • To provide an environment that enables students to learn pharmacy administration from their collective learning experience.
  • To offer opportunities for developing ability of analytical and critical thinking along with building capacity of independent learning.
  • To develop capabilities to complete challenging extended piece of independent study in a learning environment where project work choices are supported by faculty research and industry experts.
  • To train students for challenging roles in sales and marketing, R&D and product operations as well as contribute to business development with their capabilities.

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate adequate knowledge and expertise of techniques relevant to pharmacy administration and/or to demonstrate a clear understanding of concepts, information and techniques at the forefront of the pharmacy administration.
  • Develop awareness of the responsibilities of pharmacy administration, including understanding the role and functions of pharmacy and their role in healthcare context and prepare to handle the management and development issues faced by a manager, including structure and organization; planning and managing resources; and reviewing and evaluating services. Also recognize how operational problems and situations are handled in practice by undertaking and reporting at a pharmaceutical industry.
  • Formulate ideas and develop and participate in implementation of plans.
  • Take a proactive and self-reflective role in working and to develop professional relationship.

Course Outcomes


  • The Indian pharmaceutical market (IPM) is valued at ($ 33 billion) out of which $ 17 billion constitutes export.
  • During 2013-2015, opportunities on account of patent expiries amounted to around $ 125 billion creating a large opportunity for Indian Pharma industry.
  • The industry has accounts for over 10 per cent of global pharmaceutical production and over 60,000 generic brands across 60 therapeutic categories.
  • Manufactures more than 400 different APIs.
  • India is 3rd in volume and 13th in Value in Pharmaceuticals.
  • Employment opportunities to increase by 17% for Pharmaceutical Management by 2024 (BLS).