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Advantage PGDM over MBA

Criteria PGDM MBA
Approving Authority AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India. AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India, and UGC Approval is needed at the university level.
Validity Valid and equivalent to Post Graduate Degree. Valid Post Graduate Degree.
Course Syllabus Dynamic, Gets updated as per needs of industry. Syllabus is approved by AICTE. Syllabus is prepared by universities and gets updated less frequently.
Syllabus Updation Based on real time feedback of stakeholders. Takes lesser time for implementation. Highly dynamic. Only after the decision of University BOS. Takes a long time for implementation. Mostly static.
Program Selection Criteria PGDM is for those who seek specialization in the area of their interest like International Business, Pharmaceutical Management, Healthcare etc. An MBA is for those who seek a university program to get a holistic view as General management.
Examinations PGDM institutions are authorized by approving body,  AICTE, to conduct the  Examinations  Examinations are conducted by University
Innovative Practices Teaching and training is multi dimensional. Cases, simulations, presentations, short term trainings are part of pedagogy. Limited scope for innovation as practices are defined by syllabus prepared by central body i.e. University.
Top B School Rankings 90% of top 100 are PGDM institutions due to their better teaching, training, exposure and placements. IIMs, XLRI, MDI and many more. 10% of top 100 are MBA institutions. Likes of FMS, NMIMS, etc.
Placements Completely depends upon the institution. Most of the PGDM institutions have better placement records than MBA institutions. Completely depends upon the institution. Comparatively, Some of the MBA institutions like FMS, JBIMS have better placement records.
Eligibility for PhD. and Lecturer ship PGDM with a minimum of 50% Marks are eligible to enroll for PhD. From Indian Universities. Also PGDMs eligible to teach PG students. MBA with a minimum of 50% Marks are eligible to enroll for PhD. From Indian Universities. Also MBAs eligible to teach PG students.

Professional Impact

If a candidate is having a PGDM certificate instead of a MBA degree certificate, they should not consider this as a drawback. Both MBA and PGDM course has equaled value in India and overseas, whether it comes to career or recognition or any similar aspects.

The only important thing that has to be considered is the reputation of the University or the Institute and also know what the alumni of the college has to say.